Long Sculpted Stiletto Tips Box- French


Dasgirl Nails always provides the top-notch professional nail supplies with you.

Dasgirl French Long Stiletto Square Tips have the stylish sculpted outline. These easy-stick long French nail extensions with the bold, edgy long stiletto nail shape design will make your own nail art more than daring.

One Dasgirl French Long Stiletto Square Tips includes 42 pcs of 12 sizes, a total of 504 pieces of French Long stiletto nail tips. The exclusive formula of Dasgirl nails is more suitable for unique nail materials, with higher transparency, brighter, and better flexibility.

Choose Dasgirl French Long Sculpted Stiletto Tips to meet your creativity.

Style: French Nail

Shape: Sculpted Coffin 

Length: Long

Why Dasgirl Nails?

  1. Chic Shape: Dasgirl nails supply you with the most vogue and chic nail shape, making your all-time glow combined with your delicate nail art;
  2. Easy to Stick: the perfect Dasgirl nail curve is specially designed by Dasgirl group to meet the nail of occidental, making it easy to apply on your nails, giving you the coziest wearing experience;
  3. Easy to Trim: the extreme flexibility of Dasgirl nails allows you easily to alter them into shape for your need;
  4. Easy to Paint: the high transparency of Dasgirl nails allows them to perfectly restore the color of nail polish, bright and fixed well;
  5. Solid and Strong: the exclusive formula of Dasgirl nails endows our nail tips with extreme flexibility and solid quality, which makes them hard to bend over and easy to return into their original shape;
  6. Full Size for Choice: One Dasgirl nails box includes 42 pcs of 12 sizes, a total of 504 pieces of tips to easily meet the different sizes of any nails;

    There are some TIPs for you:

    1. Before applying the base color, stick tape on the fingertips where you want to apply the nail polish. Gonna be more convenient!

    2. If you are not very proficient in applying fingertips, then use tape.

    3. Transparent nail polish can also be the base color. Looks more glow.

    4. Keep your nails clean and well-maintained.

    5. Rubber bands can help you paint your fingertips well. Cover the nails with a rubber band to expose only a small part of the nail. Remove the rubber band after applying a satisfying line.

    1. Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of artificial nail.

    2. Gently press the artificial nail tips onto your nail. Adjust the position to avoid air bubbles.Press and hold for 5 seconds.

    3. Put your nail under the LED nail light for 10 seconds.

    4. Take out your hand and wait for 1 minute to star nail art design. 

    ☺ Design: DASGIRL nail tips use a semi-stick design to increase the length of the nails while also making them more attractive and charming.

    ☺ Multiple sizes: DASGIRL nail tips come in 10 numbered boxes of various sizes, allowing you to quickly select the size that best fits each of your fingers.

    ☺ High quality: Made of our uniquely developed DSG-Gel™, an environmentally friendly material with no peculiar smell, DASGIRL nail tips are harmless to your nails and body.

    ☺ After-sale: No reason for refund or replacement within 30 days. And please let us know the reason why to let us improve, and we will compensate for you with a satisfied response or exchange.

    ☺ Easy to use: DASGIRL provides kinds of different sizes of nail tips for your choice, select your favorite one and make your nails more lovely and exquisite by shaping, filing, and painting on them.

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