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All @Itzallnails’ works are known for having a touch of a dream, like stepping into a candy-like wonderland.

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Someone is born to run, some is born to fly, but for Dao Vo, she is a naturally born nail artist.

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Dasgirl review

Dasgirl Nails - Professional Nail Supplies

Dasgirl Nails is a professional nail supplier in the industry. As a factory, which has been devoting to researching gel nail tips for more than 15 years, we make all our efforts to ensure that Dasgirl gel nail tips satisfy every customer. Dasgirl Nails started in a small factory, and with the fast growth in demand for gel nail tips and services, now we become one of the largest gel nail tips factories. We have devoted a lot to become the best nail supplies. Remember please, Dasgirl Nails not only provides the best professional gel nail tips but dip powder products, gel polish products, nail lacquer options, and even nail tool and equipment in the near future for the professional nail salons and DIY-er at home. Dasgirl Nails never let you down.


Dasgirl Nails offer professional nail supplies for nail techs & DIY-ers. DASGIRL Nails started in Los Angeles and are dedicated to delivering the top-notch professional gel nail extension systems to nail salons and consumers directly at radically fair prices.

Our professional nail products include not only nails tips now but countless dip powder products, gel polish products, nail lacquer options, and even nail tools and equipment in the near future. All the qualified products make Dasgirl Nails to become professional nails supplies. Click to see all Dasgirl nail tips .

Firstly, Dasgirl Nails are engaged to be professional nail supplies for more than 15 years. Dasgirl Nails cooperate with a well-known Japanese chemical company, our exclusive formula is more suitable for unique nail materials, with higher transparency, brighter, and better flexibility. By the same time, our low-temperature manufacturing achieves a long-term storage without discoloration. It is cruelty-free, durable and environmentally friendly. Secondly, Dasgirl Nails have their own warehouse in Los Angeles which leads to a great fulfillment experience in North America.

Major brands in our industry markup their products 8-10x the actual cost. We do things differently. We have our own factory and free ourselves from middlemen and sell directly to you, so, we can offer professional nail supplies at a fraction of the price. Better materials, better quality, just more accessible than traditional nail supplies companies.

Gel nail tips,also known as gel nails extension,is a method of applying hard gel tips upon natural nails and curing UV light.

Dasgirl gel nail extension doesn't damage your natural nails since when you apply gel nail tips, you don't need to grind your natural nails. Dasgirl nail tips are lightweight, with no strong odors or heavy filling.

Yes, gel nail tips are better than acrylic. Dasgirl nail tips add the length of your regular nails like a press-on, which is more robust and longer-lasting than acrylics.

Dasgirl suggests that customers buy gel nail tips from professional nail supplies because nail supplies sell products directly to consumers. You can get the best nail products at the most satisfying price. Click to see what you have to buy from Dasgirl Nails .

Most gel nail extensions last 2 weeks, but Dasgirl gel nail tips can last 3 weeks due to our low-temperature manufacturing.

Firstly, choose natural or clear nail tips in the shape and length you like, and match the widths. The most popular shapes of Dasgirl gel nail tips are coffin, square, and stiletto. Then glue all the Dasgirl nail tips onto the end of your natural nails. Last, hold each tip in place for 10 seconds until they are secure. And then boldly start your creating! Following Dasgirl's influencers to get inspo.

If you'd instead go back to your natural nails, soaking can be a good option. Wrap each gel nail tip with acetone-soaked cotton and foil. Since Dasgirl gel nail extensions are thinner (but more durable), soaking will only take 10-15 minutes.

Cuticle oil should be used daily to keep your gel nail tips healthy. Apply a thin coat of clear polish to your nails after one week. And avoid using hot water or cleansers.