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Six Super Popular Manicures, DIY at home!

Six Super Popular Manicures, DIY at home!

I must say that the new coronavirus epidemic has had a significant influence on people's life. How long have your nails been decorated? Are you still that delicate young lady? Come watch the manicure that you can do at home. Yeah. Let’s be a little fairy at home as well!

These six manicure designs have recently become highly trendy. They're actually quite easy to create. You can try with them at home. What exactly are you waiting for? Let's take a closer look!

1. Nude colour nails 


Nude color model is the first type that everyone should be quite familiar with. It is a very basic entry style that EVERY beginners can try. We can select some press on nails that best meets our nails and then apply the nude color nail polish that we prefer. This model is appropriate for all skin tones and seasons, and the images are stunning. What exactly are you waiting for?

2. French Manicure

Everyone is probably aware with the traditional French manicure of pink and white. Elegant and aristocratic French manicures might reveal our outlook on life. When attempting a basic French manicure, use pink (or a color similar to the nail color) at the tip of the nail. The fingernail might be pure white or creamy white.

With the passage of time, French manicure has evolved in a variety of ways. It is now possible to create individual patterns on the nails in a variety of colors. You can also choose extra long nail bits in contrasting colors... There is always one that suits you; don't be afraid to try it out.

3. Galaxy Nails

If you like shiny things, you should not miss the Galaxy nail art series. It's actually rather simple; as long as you use the appropriate nail polish, your nails will shine like a starry sky.

When using this nail polish, you can add a few times to make the color more noticeable! You may also mix and combine the nail art from the Starry Sky series with other series, as seen in the image, to make each finger look unique in an instant!

4. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails have a metal polish and a velvet-like texture, which is very high-end. Whether it is for parties or taking photos, it will help you become the most noble person, the preference of business women and working women. The high-end appearance can also be done at home. When it comes out, we just need to choose the shape of the nail that we like, and then apply the velvet series of nail polish to complete it.

Choose the burgundy velvet series of nail polishes, and pour a glass of red wine, I believe you can shoot a fashion blockbuster at home.

5. Rainbow

You must have a nice mood after seeing the rainbow series of nail paints, just like seeing the rainbow! If you've been sitting at home for too long, you might as well apply a rainbow series of nail paints on yourself and restore your good mood. The method is also very simple. You can choose any bright color you like and apply it on different nails. I believe your design will be surprisingly beautiful.

6. Coffin nails

This is a kind of nail that is very popular because of its shape. You can buy nail art in this shape and create it at will, I believe it will be very beautiful. You can try the series mentioned above, what are you waiting for?


The above six styles are some beautiful styles that novices can complete at home. You must be very tedious about staying at home for so long! Why not try it quickly? Even at home, we should also have beautiful nails. If you have other styles that are good-looking and simple to try, don't forget to share it with me!

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