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Someone is born to run, some is born to fly, but for Dao Vo, she is born for art. As a naturally born nail-art genius, she made nails have cherry blossom, have the luster of porcelain, and made your nails shine like diamonds, featured the taste of fall. She is always willing to challenge and could never do wrong. She is @NAILSBYDAOVO, our ambassador.

Cherry Blossom💫

One of my favorite work by Dao Vo, a fest of cherry blossom on your coffin nail tips, such delicate and sophisticated art could only be born out of the hand of Dao Vo.

More than More💫

Dao Vo can not only do sophisticated work, but also have a brilliant taste of colour. With Dasgirl’s higher and brighter transparency, Dao Vo made the cinnamon and olive gel polish have the luster of porcelain. Less is more, but Dao Vo made it more than more.

The Sense of Art💫

Dasgirl’s unique formula made it possible for nail artists to spread their ideas freely. This is another magnificent work by Dao Vo, she first vanished the nails into pink dahlia, then slivered the tips and put diamonds on. To finish such work, you need not only the sense of art, but the nails of Dasgirl.

And Other Brilliant Works By Dao VO💫

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